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Tournament Jarun Cup will be held from 27th of April until 1st of May on the courts of “SRC Jarun” for the 6th time, which brings us the beginning of the beach handball season. First organizational conference was held in the club’s headquarters as a prelude to a now traditional and also most massive beach handball Croatian tournament. At the before mentioned conference members of “BHC Detono Zagreb” presented the tournament program and expressed their expectations.

The tournament director Igor Požeg, stated at the beginning: “This tournament primarily has a friendly character. Our goal, as in previous seasons, is to gather all the teams from Croatia with the particular pleasure to announce that this year’s edition of tournament will have an international character, given that the two teams will come from Netherlands (men and women team Camelot from Tilburg)”.

Competition manager Mladen Paradžik referred to the number of participants in the tournament: “We hope that the number of participants will be at least equal to that of last year, which means 300-400 contestants in junior and senior categories. In two junior categories we expect that is going to participate around 15 teams, then 10-15 teams in the men’s senior competition and around 10 teams in women’s senior competition. It’s important to point out that the registration for the tournament will be open until midnight of April 23rd.”

Lucija Kelava, the most valuable player (MVP) of the last year EBT Masters Finals, also commented on her expectations about the results of their team: “I hope that we will show a great handball and that there will be a lot of fans which will be interested in our attractive game. And, of course, I expect a great contest and victory for my team.”

Lucija also stated, that this tournament should be used as a preparation for the upcoming Masters Finals that will take place in Croatia for the first time. Let us recall, at the beginning of June the final competition will be held in Umag (Masters Finals) where the best 8 men and women European teams will compete for the European club champions title. At this Masters Finals Detono Zagreb will try to win its 5th title in men’s and 3rd  consecutive title in women’s category.
All in all, at the beginning of May we expect real “fireworks” of beach handball, lots of matches and competitors and what is in the words of Igor Požeg most important – lots of fun!


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