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Authorities of Matelândie, city in the state of Paraná in southern Brazil, which counts more than 16 000 inhabitants, introduced a new sports investment last month. It is a court for beach handball of which costed 90 000 BRL (about 251 000 million) of municipal funds. This new area, which will allow new sports activity in the city, occupies 666.80 square meters.

Shortly after the opening ceremony, regional beach handball championships  was held on the new court. Opening this field represents the completion of actions carried out in this area, such as the reform of general and academic schools, the new bowling, etc. There have been many works and actions to promote and enhance the sport in Matelândie.

From the standpoint of BHC Zagreb, the article is interesting because of last year's promise of Zagreb  mayor Bandić  to build the courts for beach handball at Bundek. At this moment, our club have the  responsibility to collect all data  in order to establishment of this project. We hope that this promise will be fulfilled soon.

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