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20231209 131647The Academic Beach Handball Club Zagreb was entrusted with the implementation of a new project for the promotion and development of beach handball following a call for tenders by the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes.

As part of the project, which will run until the end of 2024, the members and staff of ABHC Zagreb will have the opportunity to collaborate with foreign colleagues from Hungary, Italy and Poland on many topics closely related to the development of sport in Croatia and Europe.

The project includes four activities to exchange experiences with colleagues from the mentioned countries, focusing on the following topics: 1. the development of new concepts to attract and motivate young people to beach handball, 2. the development of relations between clubs and the national federation and their mutual role in the development of the sport, 3. the specifics of organising humanitarian tournaments and 4. the strengthening of the federation’s capacities and networking with federations that are not exclusively focused on this sport, as well as the mutual potential that the federations gain in this way.

As already mentioned, the project comprises four trips abroad, the first of which took place last weekend in Budapest. Specifically, from 7 to 11 December 2023, a delegation from AKRP Zagreb led by the association’s Executive Director, Sandra Čičić, and the secretary of AKRP Zagreb, Mladen Paradžik, visited the Lupa Beach Sports Club. During the three-day programme, they had the opportunity to discuss topics related to the development and potential of the neighbouring country in attracting young handball players and how to increase their interest in beach handball. In addition, many other topics were covered as part of the plan and programme of the above-aforementioned mobility.

IMG 20231211 WA0018During a pleasant meeting with colleague Nemeth, many ideas came to light and it can be said that the first step of the mobility action has paved the way for further co-operation between the two clubs. Lupa Beach Sport, under the leadership of Zoltan Nemeth, is the organiser of one of the best beach handball tournaments in Europe, and the Republic of Hungary is a unique example of the systematic development of the sport from the state level to the local clubs. Therefore, the references adopted within the framework of this mobility action are of great importance for strengthening the human potential in our organisation. Therefore, I believe that it is extremely useful to work on such projects and promote beach handball in the future. As this was our first mobility project, we were a little nervous about how to do all the administrative tasks properly. However, thanks to the guidance and excellent support from the people in charge of the Agency for Mobility and EU Projects, we were able to finalise the first activity without any problems. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again for recognising our project and the support we received. Now we will write the report and summarise the ideas after this very effective “Hungarian” weekend. - said Sandra Čičić.

More mobility activities are planned for next year, where club members with different profiles will have the opportunity to learn something new from their European colleagues and thus strengthen the capacity of ABHC Zagreb.

2023 Opuzen

Dear beach handball friends, 

I am writing to you on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 2nd Memorial Beach Handball Tournament "Stipe Vuletić" and would like to invite you to the next edition of our beach handball tournament.

This tournament is slightly different and has a special meaning for us, as it is in memory for our bellowed friend and beach handball colleague Stipe who passed away last year. In his memory, we also have an individual award for the best goalkeeper named "TO ASU!", according to his favourite saying when someone does some great move during the match.

2nd Memorial Beach Handball Tournament "Stipe Vuletić" will be held from August 18th until August 20th, 2023 at Opuzensko ušće in Opuzen, Croatia (https://goo.gl/maps/SR869oQ5z6MDwUzL8). You can find more about Opuzen here.

You can register the teams at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The participation fee for seniors is 100 €, while it is free for young age categories. Registrations will be open until August 10th, 2023, at 23:59.

The younger age categories are as follows: 

  • 2008 and younger
  • 2010 and younger
  • 2012 and younger.

For more information about accommodation, transport, meals, etc. please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I hope that we will see you soon at Opuzensko ušće.

Best regards.
OC 2nd Memorial Beach Handball Tournament "Stipe Vuletić"

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We are proud to announce that Academic beach handball club Zagreb became a part of the first beach handball oriented Erasmus+ project. VolFair, which is the akronym for Be(ach) Volunteer, Be(ach) Fair!

As the name suggests, the main goal of the project is to investigate how to attract volunteers in beach handball, and to determine what volunteers like or don't like during event organization.

Beside ABHC Zagreb, another partners on this project are two organizations with high volunteering experience in sport: EUSA Institute (Slovenia) and Akademicki zwiazek sportowy (Poland), while ABHC Zagreb and Stichting Camelot Beachhandball Tournament (Netherlands) are experienced in organizing beach handball events. Project will last for 2 years, and will include the meetings that will be organized in the partner's countries.

This is a huge step for all beach handball organizers in order to enhance the volunteer's experience during the event. Since the volunteers are one of the main backbones while organizing beach handball tournaments or any other sport event, it is of main importance to keep them happy, willing to learn, work and communicate. Within this project we hope that we will get the feedback from the volunteers in order to do the reqiored knowledge about their needs and requirements-Sandra Čičić (Executive director-ABHC Zagreb).


HEI Beach handball 2

We are presenting you the most succesful Danish beach handball team. Equipped with the great abilities, as well as huge amount of fair play, those guys will try to reach the highest place in this edition of EBT Masters finals. Even though this is their first appearance in EBT Masters finals, they already collected a lot of trophies around the Europe. This season they started by winning the second place on EBT tournament Jarun cup, where they showed how strong are they. Enjoy the rest of the interview.

  1. Tell us few words about your team (when did you start to play and what was the beggining like, number of winning trophies, medals, most relevant tournaments that you have visited, some interesting story maybe?).

All most all of our team-members have played beach handball since the teen years. As a team we have been playing together for 10 years or something like that.

When we started, we weren’t that good. We played mostly just for fun. Now, we still play because it’s fun, but also because of all the experiences we get and have gained as a team, because we have increased our level so we can compete at the very highest level.

We have won the Danish Championship one time, in 2016. Besides that, we have won three EBT Tournaments. We always aim to win when we play a tournament, but our second place at Jarun Cup in Zagreb last year, was a big result for us. We beat quality teams as the Swedish National team, BHC Sesvete and last but not least Detono Zagreb. So, we were very satisfied with our performance in tournament.

A good history from Jarun Cup, is about our young-star Frederik Bech. At that time, he was only 17 years old. He got a little bit drunk at the players party. When we were on our way to the courts the day after, Frederik didn’t feel so good. So, when we were in the light rail, Frederik suddenly smiled a little awkwardly and then he turned his head and puked all over the seats in the train. Pretty embarrassing for all of us J



  1. How many times have you participated on EBT Masters finals?

This is our first time at the EBT Finals. Last year we had an ambition to qualify for the EBT Finals. So, we participated in three EBT Tournaments. In Croatia, Germany and Spain. Two of them we won, and at the last one we ended as number two. So, we are very proud of our efforts last summer and that we achieved our goal. So, we will show up in Baia Mare with lots of energy, and we will give everything we have for a good performance at EBT Finals.

 HEI Beach handball

  1. Write your key players and tell us few interesting notes about them.

The key in our team, is the whole team. We enjoy spending time together on and off the court. Some of the players have been playing together since they were kids, so there are some pretty strong social bonds on the team.

But to mention some of our key players, we can start with our specialist Martin Vilstrup. Martin is probably the specialist in the world with the best shot, and he also got the prize as top score at the world championship in Russia. Over the last few years, Martin has also developed hi sin-flight game a lot, so know he has more weapons in his game.

In defence we have Martin's big brother Ronnie, Anders Møldrup and Martin Christensen in the goal.

Ronnie has a huge impact on our defence, because of his size and experience as a handball player. Anders is just like Ronnie very important for our defence because of his experience but almost, which is even more important on our team, because of his social qualities and good mood. He always brings the good mood with him to the court, where he plays with a huge passion. Martin is one of the most experienced players at our team. Actually, he was the one who created the team back in the days. Besides that, he is our captain and the only keeper at our team, so of course he is very important for the team.

In the attack, Frederik Bech is a future man in Danish Beach Handball and for the team. He is a very explosive player. One of his greatest strengths is that he can play on both wings. At the age of 17, he represented the Danish national team at the world cup in Russia this summer, together with a few other players from our team. So, he is obviously very talented.



  1. What do you expect from EBT Masters finals in Baia Mare?

A lot. As mentioned earlier, it's our first appearance at the EBT-Finals, so we have great expectations.

But we have also great expectations for our own performance. We will arrive at Baia Mare with a good team, and we are not satisfied with just being a part of the tournament. We want more. We want to win every game we play. And then time will tell how it ends. But we will bring lots of self-confidence and with great faith in our own abilities, then who know what we can do J


  1. If you have the team motto and nickname, please write it down.

We don’t have any motto or nickname. In the early days at our team, we were joking about that those who were most drunk the day before, were also allowed to start on the court the day after. Now we have become a bit wiser, and a little bit older; fortunately for that J But we always say to each other before the big matches “If we play up to our best, then we can beat every team “. That’s our mentality. Always believe in ourselves.


2019 logo baia mare


After the series of the teams with previous experience and participation of playing on EBT Masters finals, today we will present you the Portuguese team in women category. The girls reserved the spot on EBT Masters finals playing on the tournaments abroad. Here we present the team with a lot of members and with the great results in youth categories. We do not have the doubts that they will shine soon in the senior part as well.

  1. Tell us few words about your team (when did you start to play and what was the beggining like, number of winning trophies, medals, most relevant tournaments that you have visited, some interesting story maybe?).

    We are a team that play handball indoor together since 9 years old and we discover the beach handball when we were young. We play beach handball since 13 years old.
    We decided to found a club and focus on kids and older players. Our club have almost 200 members, kids from 5/6 years old to seniors.
    In U18, we have 6 national championships, 3 in male team and 3 in female team. In seniors we are still fighting for that Title.
    Our journey in tornaments outside Portugal started last Summer with the goal to reach EBT FINALS.
    We played NAZARÉ DREAM BEACH in Portugal (2nd place), OROPESA DEL MAR in Spain (7th place) and CAMELOT in Netherlands (5th place)
    Now we are qualified for EBT FINALS and very happy for the achieved.
  1. How many times have you participated on EBT Masters finals?

    Its the first time we participate in EBT FINALS
  1. Write your key players and tell us few interesting notes about them.

    We think all the players have their value and dont have one superstar.
  1. What do you expect from EBT Masters finals in Baia Mare?

    Being a Major tournament of Beach handball, we expect the best. Good organization from the accomodation to the games. Beside the games we expect a lot of fun, good environment on court and out of it.
  1. If you have the team motto and nickname, please write it down.

No we dont have it.


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