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Academic Beach Handball Club Detono Zagreb traditionally participated in the tournament, which was held in Einsiedeln,  from  5th to 6th January 2013.

Tournament organizers published the schedule for the beach handball tournament, the first in season 12/13, which will be held next week in Einsiedeln (5.-6.1.2013.). You may find the schedule HERE

Our journalist team has collected the articles about our club and beach handball in  general and published it on our web page. Enjoy all offered articles. Also, on behalf of BHC Zagreb, I would like to ask everybody that you send  us some relevant beach handball articles so we can put it in our collection.

To all members, as well as visitors of our site and beach handball friends, Merry Christmas and a successful  happy New 2013th year. 
With a desire to know to keep what you have, to find what you're looking for, with idea that you don't have to work hard, and still have enough to be happy, and share that happiness with your closest. With hope that you will always be ready to help others, to not lose hope when you think all is lost, you forgive and ask for forgiveness, and be yourself and remain yourself when others expect you to fail ...
Once again, Marry Christmas and happy New (beach handball) year.

After two rounds of Croatian beach handball tour held in Čakovec and Zagreb, the caravan moved to the third city– Umag. At the courts of Stella Maris, BH players played its final tournament whic was part of the Croatian tour. Both women's teams have finished their performance in the quarterfinal, where they lost against BHC Dubrava (Detono Zagreb) and KRP Sokol (Chemo profili Zagreb). With this defeat,  girls ended the season on the third place of the Croatian BH tour.


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