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Next weekend (1st and 2nd of June) will be held European beach handball tournament Masters finals. For the first time organization of this tournament is going to take place in Croatia, in Umag. There will compete the best 8 teams in both competition.


Umag Open was held this weekend in Umag on the courts of Stella Maris, the first tournament of the Croatian championship in beach handball. About 200 hundred participants in 13 men and 7 women teams were competing for the title. Academic beach handball club Zagreb participated with two men and two women teams and achieved excellent results.

In the forthcomming weekend EBT (European beach handball tournament) in Umag will be played. This tournament is also part of a Croatian Championships. On this tournament Academic beach handball club Zagreb will participate with two men and women teams. Organizator of this event ensured to beach handball community streaming link from the main court. The tournament will be possible to watch HERE, while official schedule has been published on official Croatian beach handball site

One of the best referee couples on beach handball, Vanja Antić and Jelena Jakovljević, took some time and offered their opinion about current events for the BHC ZAGREB offical club site.



Academic beach handball club Zagreb will start with the preparations for the upcoming season next week. According to the Igor Požeg decision, the trainings will start on 26.03.2013. at 17.00. All interested indidviduals are free to join the trainings.


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