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General Assembly of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (ICMG) was held in Turkish city of Mersin two days ago. On that Assembly, the president of the Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Mateša became honorary member of ICMG. Also, Assembly members have pleaded for maintaining the first beach Mediterranean Games , and the first city to host the 2015th games will be Italian Pescara. What is more interesting is that beach handball will be a part of this event in the future.

Last tournament of Croatian BH Championship was played Last weekend at city beach handball courts in Čakovec. In women competition most successful was BHC Čakovec and in men category team Detono Zagreb.

Summer didn’t even begin and for Croatian beach handball players, tournaments on the home courts are over. The best Croatian teams gathered last weekend to win the best placements they could possibly win in Croatian Championship.

Last weekend an international beach handball tournament was played within the organization of Zagreb’s handball federation (ZRS) . 29 teams in 3 categories participated on this tournament.

In women competition there was 9 teams, from which 2 of them played on Masters, the weekend before and there was also a new team BHC Jamnica, first time on the beach handball court. After the games in groups Kontesa Nera, Chemo profili Zagreb, Detono Zagreb and BHC Dubrava qualified to the semifinals. After tensely played semifinal games, Kontesa Nera won against Dubrava and Detono Zagreb after shoot-out won against young team Chemo Profili Zagreb. In the game for the 3rd place Chemo profili Zagreb won against Dubrava.

This weekend was held European beach handball tournament Masters finals on the courts of Stella Maris in Umag, Croatia. Croatia had her representative in the finals, Detono Zagreb, that lost in tense final against excellent team BMP Alcala from Spain, after the shoot-out and won the 2nd place.

Next weekend (1st and 2nd of June) will be held European beach handball tournament Masters finals. For the first time organization of this tournament is going to take place in Croatia, in Umag. There will compete the best 8 teams in both competition.


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