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Academic beach handball club Zagreb  will organize its 9th  regular Assembly, which will be held on Thursday, 25.2.2016. at 18.00 hours at the Faculty of science- Bijenička 30, Hall 001.
All people  who want to participate in the club organization are welcome to join.

Matija Šulc, President of ABHC Zagreb.

10 years ago today, 13.1.2006., 24 sports enthusiasts and beach handball lovers founded Beach Handball club PMF. By joining members from across the University of Zagreb and beyond, in 2008.  club changed its name  to Academic Beach Handball Club Zagreb.

Tournament journeys and sports meetings has resulted in excellent sport results, but more important, true friendships and serious love. From the first newspaper article in 2006., with title „We wish Masters“, when our main goal was to qualify for that prestigious competition, the European clubs Championship EBT Masters Finals, till now, we have achieved a lot.

Camelot beach handball tournament was held last weekend. Traditionally, Camelot tournament is one of the largest and strongest beach handball tournaments and on this tournament  16 women and 20 men teams battled for the champion's title. Croatia was represented by Detono Zagreb women team and Chemo-profili Zagreb men team.
Detono girls achieved marvelous result by winning the first place while Chemo-profili boys have taken the fifth place. Both teams collected many points for the EBT Masters finals qualification which was the primary goal for both teams.

After succesfull weekend and tournament held in Bačka Palanka, teams of the Academic beach handball club Zagreb became part of the strongest EBT tournament this year- Camelot beach handball tournament. This competition is one of the best tournaments in the last few years and this year it consists of 20 men teams and 16 women teams. Those teams are divided into 4 groups in each category.

Members of the Academic beach handball club Zagreb will be part of the entertaining tournament in Polish city of Krakow at the end of the April. Furthermore, men and women tems were invited to demonstrate the beach handball at the Krakow University.

The main contributor and the key player of this wonderfull idea is Mrs Adriana Chowańska. Last year she studied in Croatia where she played the beach handball for BHC Zagreb.

Academic Beach Handball Club

Bitorajska 24
10000 Zagreb

Mladen Paradžik
+385 95 8136 286
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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