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Given that the beachhandball is relatively unexplored sports discipline, we can expect more scientific research to be published on this topic. In the meantime, we bring the work of Mr. Bebetsos and associates who studied themes of injuries in our beloved sport.

Although the official part of sand season is behind us, we think it is quite appropriate to organize a little friendly tournament. So the Academic Beachhandball Club Detono Zagreb will play couple friendly matches this weekend if whether allows.

This weekend the team AKRP Detono Zagreb travel to the last tournament in this season, a demonstrative "GALEB 2008" tournament to be held on Saturday, 2.8.2008 in Omiš near Split.

Last weekend was played demonstrative beach handball tournament, Galeb 2008, that was held in Omiš near Split. 6 teams participated on first beach handball tournament in history of this city (4 male and 2 female teams). Visitors of Galeb camp in Omiš could enjoy beach handball and all what goes with it (attractive movements, in flight goals and many pirouettes)

Academic beach handball club Detono Zagreb participated last weekend at the tournament in Zalaegerszeg, small Hungarian city, where BHC AXA beach stars Budapest (current European champions) organized the tornament for world Guinness record. After a 28-hour continuous duration of the beach handball tournament could be established that the record is set. Also, teams from Detono Zagreb accomplished very good result.


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