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In previous text, which was published in 3 parts on our site (author: Tamas Neukum), beach handball and indoor handball were compared. So, we think we should publish this article in episodes written by Davor Rokavec, a worthy member of Croatian Beach Handball Team which won 2008 World Championship held in Cadiz. Author `s beach handball career is full of achievements and good results crowned by gold medal from last WC. In preparations for WC at Cadiz he was in charge for physical readiness of players in Croatian National Team. We hope you will enjoy reading his story.

Last week representatives of Chemo Profili company and Detono Zagreb ABHC prolonged their partnership which started two yaers ago. The meeting took place in official premises of Detono Zagreb. New terms of collaboration have been agreed with possibility of proloning the partnership if both sides are satisfied.

We proudly represent to our readers Axa Beach stars Budapest, one of the famous tbeach handball teams ever. We have the honor to speak with Mr. István Bődy who answered us to few questions about his team and beach handball. Enjoy!


Last time we introduced a Dutch team Camelot Tilburg. In the next session we will present a women team from Spain. This team is from unique city in the world, because Cadiz is the only city in which was held European and World beach handball championship. We will present an interview with Vipren Cadiz. We have the pleasure to talk with one of the Vipren players- miss Cristina García de Lago

One month ago EHF published an officiial announcement (i.e. list) of teams that were qualified on Masters (tournament of best teams in past season). So, we want to introduce sport colleagues and beach handball friends from other countries. We have designed a couple of questions for each team and we performed an interview with representatives of each team via e-mail. In the first seqence we have the honor to introduce one Dutch team : TSHV CAMELOT TILBURG.We spoke with the chairman of Camelot team-Mr Bas van den Dungen


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