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Our beach handball teams Detono Zagreb (women) and Chemo profili Zagreb (men) won second and fourth place on of the strongest beach handball tournaments in Czech republic.

Our little crew (5 women and 7 men players) went to a trip on Thursday and they arrived in Bela Pod Bezdezem aproximately at Midnight. The rest of the team arrived on Saturday (two players and president of our club).

In the finals of 6th European Beach Handball Championship, taht took place last week on the beaches of norwegian Larvik, the defending champions Russins did not manage to maintain the title. In the final game croatian team won both sets, and won the new title. In addition to being world champions, they are now recognized as european champions too.
Golden boys are: Luka Bumbak, Josip Šandrk, Ivan Jurić, Hrvje Horvat, Mladen Paradžik, Krešimir Malbašić, Drago Vojnović, Hrvoje Biuklić, Davor Rokavec, Ninoslav Pavelić.

In the game for 3rd place, female croatin team won both sets over Ukraine, and are coming home with bronze medal.
Bronze girls are: Dubravka Bukovina, Marina Bazzeo, Irena Tomašić, Željka Vidović, Josipa Grebenar, Snježana Botica, Melita Jug, Ivana Lovrić, Vlatka Šamarinec, Jelena Vidović.

Day before last day of the European Beach Handball Championships in Norway, the Croatian team is confirmed by our own projections and have advanced to the semifinal competition.

The fourth day of the European Championship in handball on the sand and played the last match in the group who determined the order and thus also četvrtfinalne couples. That will be our girls for the semifinal battle with the Dane, while the men's challenge with the Poles.

Teams of Croatia today had a bad day in results, women and men had narrow defeats after shoot outs.

On the third day of the European Beach Handball Championship men's team played the last match in the group against the always uncomfortable opponent - Hungary.


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