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During the first day of the EBT Masters finals Detono Zagreb achieved two victories and go with maximal 4 points to the second part of preliminary round.

This weekend in Italian city of Gaeta the closing tournament of European Championships in beach handball a.k.a. EBT Masters Finals will be held. In men's category Croatia will be represented by BHC Detono Zagreb, whilst in women's category that honour will have WBHC Kontesa Nera.

If you wonder how french handball tournaments look like, if you want to be the part of first in the history French EBT tournament, or you always wanted to visit France - now you have a good reason ;) Below you may find basic information:

francja turniej ebt

Who would have thought, two years ago, when for the first time on the pitch of ŠRC Jarun a foreigner appeared, that this is the beginning of one long and beautiful story that continues today. In 2014, together with AKRP Detono Zagreb players, Polish girl Adriana Chowańska began her first beach handball season. Everything thanks to Erasmus exchange that enabled her to study in Zagreb for summer semester 2014. That time Adriana was a Croatian philology student at the Jagiellonian University (Cracow) and an active player of her university club. Right at the begging of her stay in Croatia she began to look for handball club where would continue trainings and in the same time improve her Croatian. It was the coincidence that led her to our club, which starts the preparations in April.

Academic beach handball club Zagreb  will organize its 9th  regular Assembly, which will be held on Thursday, 25.2.2016. at 18.00 hours at the Faculty of science- Bijenička 30, Hall 001.
All people  who want to participate in the club organization are welcome to join.

Matija Šulc, President of ABHC Zagreb.


Academic Beach Handball Club

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