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One of the best referee couples on beach handball, Vanja Antić and Jelena Jakovljević, took some time and offered their opinion about current events for the BHC ZAGREB offical club site.



Academic beach handball club Zagreb will start with the preparations for the upcoming season next week. According to the Igor Požeg decision, the trainings will start on 26.03.2013. at 17.00. All interested indidviduals are free to join the trainings.

Academic beach handball club Zagreb  will organize its 7th Regular  Assembly, which will be held on Wednesday, 13.3.2013. at 18.30 hours at the Faculty of science-Bijenička 30, Hall 001.
All people  who want to participate in the club organization are welcomed.
I hope that we'll see you next Wednesday.
Romana Domjančić, vicepresident.

Four years ago Norway's women's national team won the silver medal at the 2009 European Beach Handball Championship on home soil in Larvik.

Back then Eskil Berg Andreassen was in charge of the national team, just like he is today.

The European handball federation delegated the referees and the delegates dor the upcoming European Championships which will be held from 9.-14.7.2013. in the Danish town of Randers. Nominated referees come from 8 European countries and currently at this moment those are 8 best European beach handball couples, led by the most experienced couple from Serbia (Vanja and Jelena) which participated on plenty of competitions so far.

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