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8d poz misljenje Jarun kup  2020 1At the 32nd session of the Croatian Olympic Committee Council, one of the topcs was related with the organization of the international beach handball tournament Jarun Cup.

The tournament Org. board requested and received a positive opinion and honorary patronage of the Croatian Olympic Committee. This is a great tribute to the tournament itself, but also an obligation that encourages the organizer to further develop the competition for the younger age categories and seniors as well. Although original texts are on Croatian, you can find more about patronage itself on links below:


Positive opinion

2020 volunteers eng2Academic beach handball club Zagreb, the most succesfull beach handball club in Europe, is organizing the 13th edition of traditional international beach handball tournament - Jarun cup. The tournament will be held in Zagreb from 30.4.-3.5.2020. We expect that around 80 teams and over 700 players from 15 countries will participate on the biggest regional beach handball tournament. That's why we need your help.

So. if you like sport, traveling and meeting new people, send us an e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and join us!

Some of the volunteer's tasks:

game statistics, scoresheet's filling, time keeping.

Court managing, info pult, team attaché.

We provide the accommodation, food at the venue and sports equipment to volunteers outside Zagreb (transportation to Zagreb at your own expense)

The tournament will be held regardless of the weather conditions!

For any questions, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Sandra Cicic-coordinator)

Show us your skills and become a part of our Summer story.

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Dear beach handball friends,

on behalf of the Organizing Committee (OC) of the Jarun cup, I would like to invite you to the 13th edition of this beach handball tournament. 82 teams from 14 different countries were part of our Summer story last year. I hope that the next edition will be even bigger.

In adition you may find the official invitation for the tournament. Best regards and I hope that we will see you at the end of April. Mladen Paradzik - OC member.

2020 Pokroviteljstvo Gradonacelnika Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Mr Milan Bandić, became again a part of our Summer story, supporting the biggest Croatian beach handball tournament, Jarun cup.

Last year tournament reached more than 700 participants (82 teams), and more than 220 games were played during 6 days. We hope that this support will enable us further growing in different segments of the organization.

Member of the Org. board, Matija Sulc, gave his statement:

We are really happy to have the support from our city and we hope that we will continue to develop this young and attractive sport, especially in the moment when we expect that beach handball will become a part of the Olympic family in the near future. Even though this is not financial support, it means a lot to us, because this support contributes to other fields of the organization i.e. writing the project proposals. With the last edition we started with the new contents (beach handball conference and workshop about fair play). So, our duty is to work together and try to promote our sport among youngsters and teach them properly in order to be prepared for the Olympics. That is the reason why I am really happy that above mentioned Institution recognized our effort based on enthusiasm of volunteers, officials, players and Org. board as well.

Cicic Sandra

Dear Beach handball friends,  

the 13th edition of Jarun cup, one of the biggest European beach handball tournaments, which will be held from 30th of April until 3rd of May 2020, is coming soon. We expect this beach handball tournament to be an extraordinary event, involving teams and official persons from many European nations. 

Numbers from the last year edition of the tournament (82 teams in all categories, more than 700 participants from 14 countries, 40 volunteers that helped with the tournament organization, together with the officials and members of the Org. board) confirmed that Jarun cup is constantly growing year after year.

Our sport complex, settled at Lake Jarun, where European beach handball championship was held in 2017, is consisted of 4 beach handball courts, enabling us to play more than 200 games during the tournament.

Also, we are planning to increase the number of organizational EBT points to stay in top 5 European tournaments. Last year we ensured 440 organizational EBT points and this year we expect to increase it even more.

Therefore, on behalf of the Organizational board of beach handball tournament Jarun cup and Academic beach handball club Zagreb, I would like to invite the participants, i.e. referees, delegates, team officials, technical officials, staff, volunteers to become the part of our Summer story at the end of April 2020.

I hope that you will recognize our efforts regarding beach handball popularization and I hope that we will see you soon, so we could open the new outdoor EBT season the best way we can, having fun and demonstrating the most beautiful sport to the spectators (on the venue, via internet stream or via national TV transmission). Looking forward to see you soon!

Sandra Cicic, Director of the Organizational board.

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