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Last tournament of Croatian BH Championship was played Last weekend at city beach handball courts in Čakovec. In women competition most successful was BHC Čakovec and in men category team Detono Zagreb.

Summer didn’t even begin and for Croatian beach handball players, tournaments on the home courts are over. The best Croatian teams gathered last weekend to win the best placements they could possibly win in Croatian Championship.

In men competition teams were divided in two groups, and the best 4 in every group placed in quarterfinals.

Results of quarterfinals:

Detono Zagreb

BHC Čakovec Euroherc

2 : 0

36 : 14

22 : 11

BHC Čakovec

Chemo profili Zagreb

1 : 2

18 : 19

18 : 16

6 : 8

White boys

BHC Dubrava

0 : 2

15 : 19

20 : 23

Let cepelin Toma-soft


1 : 2

24 : 26

22 : 21

4 : 6

In very interesting games in semi-finals between Dubrava and Sokol, and between Detono Zagreb and Chemo profili Zagreb, Dubrava and Detono won.

Detono Zagreb

Chemo profili Zagreb

2 : 0

25 : 22

28 : 10

BHC Dubrava


2 : 0

21 : 20

22 : 20

Match for the 3rd place was won by more experienced team- Sokol, which confirmed excellent form winning 2:0, given that they were in the finals on every tournament. Goalkeepers  Stanković (Sokol) and Jugović (Chemo profili Zagreb) played an important role in both teams. Jugović was also one of the players that clutched the rest of the team toward its way to the semifinal.

3rd-4th pl

Chemo profili Zagreb


0 : 2

12 : 18

17 : 27

Finals game showed the best from both teams. Dubrava led by national players Dumenčić and Prka, and with excellent defence player Škopić provided great resistance to Detono Zagreb. But Detono Zagreb won both set and justified the role of favourite team winning Čakovec Open for the first time. It is worth to mention that young goalkeeper Henigman had 22 defences that is outstanding figure even for the indoor handball goalkeeper.


Detono Zagreb

BHC Dubrava

2 : 0

23 : 18

25 : 15

Best players were:

Goalkeeper: Hrvoje Neumann (BHC Dubrava)
Left wing: Ivan Jurić (Detono Zagreb)
Right wing: Filip Milak (BHC Dubrava)

Defensive player: Tin Lesičar (Sokol)

Specialist: Igor Požeg (Detono Zagreb)

Most valuable player: Ivan Jurić (Detono Zagreb)

With this tournament  Croatian Championships tou finishedr (there were tournaments in Zagreb  and Umag held earlier). For the title of Croatian Champions competed 23 teams, and for the 6th time in a row Detono Zagreb won.

1. Detono Zagreb -  154

2. Sokol -141

3. BHC Dubrava- 113

4. White boys -96

5. Chemo profili Zagreb- 94

Scoring system in the Croatian Championship: for every participation on the tournament team gets 20 points and every victory gives 2 points. Placement also brings points: 1st place -20 pt, 2nd place – 15 pt, 3rd place -13 pt, 4th place - 11 pt, etc.

In women competition for the first time ever BHC Čakovec won the tournament. Čakovec showed that this young team led by Ria Haček (which was also invited to practice with Croatian national beach handball team) has a bright future. Detono Zagreb won 2nd place and Chemo profili Zagreb took 3rd place .

This is a great success for our young team and excellent stimulus for further tournaments and training. I would like to thank all the volunteers and people from organization committee that helped making this a excellent tournament. Also, I would like to add that my girls played really good and I’m very proud, said couch of the BHC Čakovec, Marko Hranilović.

Best players were:

Goalkeeper: Simona Haduk (BHC Čakovec)

Left wing: Tea Milić (Detono Zagreb)
Right wing: Barbara Brdovčak (Chemo Profili Zagreb)
Defensive player: Ines Domjan (BHC Čakovec)
Specialist: Diana Žgela (Detono Zagreb)

Most valuable player (MVP): Ria Haček (BHC Čakovec)

Final results in Croatian Championship:

1. Detono Zagreb -  139

2. Chemo profili Zagreb -  110

3. BHC Čakovec -  79

4. Sokol-  70

Even do the Championship is over, beach handball activities are continued and some players are preparing for the National team and European Championship that will be held in July in Denmark, and for World Games in Colombia (in August). We hope that our players will again show excellent game and come back from Danmark and Colombia with new trophies.


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Mladen Paradžik
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