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European beach handball championships will be held in Danish Randers at the beginning of the July.Croatian selections are defending the titles in both senior categories. Our national selections are settled in group A.

Group A: Croatia, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey, Sweden
Group B: Russia, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Italy.

Group A: Croatia, Norway, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Russia
Group B: Denmark, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Greece, Sweden

While men are placed in a group with old acquaintances where practically lacks any piece of the surprise because all teams know everything about the others, in women’s competition is a different situation. Russia, double European champions were settled in Group A next to the very strong teams. Basically, the Russian selection did not participate in the previous version of European championships because of the 2-year suspension. But before suspension –they were one of the strongest teams. It is reasonable to believe that they are still strong.  Second group looks pretty easy when compared with the first one. 
The event will be held from 9th to 14th July, which will be preceded by a three-day junior competition.

Group A-Russia, Switzerland, Norway, Spain
Group B-Turkey, Hungary, Serbia, Denmark

Group A: Norway, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain.
Group B: Turkey, Russia, Armenia, Denmark

Official site of the Championships could be seen HERE


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