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Academic beach handball club Detono Zagreb has been nominated for the title "team of the year" in men and women category. For the best team of Zagreb city, Detaonators are nominated second time at the row, this time because of the titles won in Portuguese Lagoa last season.

Just to remind the visitors, Detono Zagreb won both titles in Lagoa, and except the titles, the best goalkeeper was Igor Totić and MVP of the women part of the tournament was Lucija Kelava.  With this fourth consecutive title, men team became the most succesfull club team by number of the consecutive European club titles. Before that, waterpolo club Mladost and basketball club Jugoplastika had 3 consecutive titles. Women team won their seond consecutive title.
This is a great thing for our sport  and our club of course, that we are nominated for this prestige title. We are the organization with very small budget and it is of great importance for us to be next to the  best few teams in Zagreb, such as GNK Dinamo Zagreb, Waterpolo club Mladost, handball club CO Zagreb etc.- said Detonator's sport director, Nevena Krajcar.


Academic Beach Handball Club

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