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Academic Beach Handball Club Detono Zagreb traditionally participated in the tournament, which was held in Einsiedeln,  from  5th to 6th January 2013.

The first game was played against Swiss team  Sandstorm Troopers. After the introductory difficulties and tense standoff, the match turned into a one-way street where there was space for the occasional exhibition by Detono Zagreb, and the game was finished by Detono win  (2:0). Next opponent was much stronger, and for this match Detonators introduced a lot more effort and sweat, because the boys from Georgia Batumi beach (composed mainly from Swiss youth selection players,  played  well and they showed the great beach handball potential, not only for the club level, but also for the future selection level.

The game was interesting since the beginning, but at the end, the experience of fourfold European club champions, and especially players Vutmej and Fantić, decided the winner.

The German guys from Flying Gag were the next challenge. After a solid resistance of  the Germans in the first set, the second was the real balance of power, and the result of this match ended 2-0 for Detono Zagreb.

The final day of the tournament was played in the last match in the group against the Swiss team Gipfeli Express. It turns out that the Swiss were completely inferior in that match, and failed to provide significant resistance to Zagreb team.

Detono Zagreb qualified to the quarterfinal from the first position in the group, where guys played against Copaca-Bale, serious and experienced Swiss team with great understanding of the game. From the starting minutes, good match quality has been shown. Zagreb team won the first period in tense finish. Babić scored a winning goal and Polak steeled an important ball before the end of the period. In the second part, Swiss team scored the goal in the last second of the game and ensured the shoot-out. With a little bit of luck and with great reactions of Detono’s goalkeepers, Bosnić and Jugović- Zagreb team won the shoot-out and qualified to the  semifinal in which Zagreb  played against the NOR beach team. This great team was composed mainly from the Norwegian beach handball selection players and they beat the Zagreb team in the first period easily. In the second period Detonators provided the good resistance but still, at the end of the game - Norwegians were better.

In the final game- SC Ekaterinodar was better in both periods and they won their first tournament in the Switzerland.

Hence, Detono Zagreb successfully opened the season by winning the third place in this strong tournament.  Great thing is that Zagreb showed that the future of the club stands on stabile ground, because one of the best players was the 15 year old Croatian beach handball player – Stjepan Babić.

Here are the few words which he told for the official club site: This was the first time that I participated for the Detono Zagreb, and feeling is really great. I am grateful to coach Požeg who gave me the chance to show my possibilities on the court. I hope that I will continue with further skill improvements, so I could provide more good games in the future.


On this tournament the following players participated:  Željan Bosnić, Ivan Jugović, Drago Fantić,Ivan Polak, Stjepan Babić, Mario Močilac, Matko Vutmej, Igor Požeg,Mladen Paradžik, Matija Šulc.


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