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We will start with the overall result in women and men category. Two women teams have played 53 games and lost only 13. First women team have won 38 and lost just 4 in the entire season.

The two men team have played 83 games and lost 15. First team, Detono Zagreb have played 38 games with just 2 losses, semifinal in Crikvenica against Let Cepelin in shoot out and semifinal in Nagytad vs Damy Rade also after shootout. This brings us to a enormously high win percentage of 95%.


First tournament of the season was in Germany and there isn’t much difference in defense  between beach handball and regular handball. But even that didn’t stop our men’s team to win the tournament. With just 4 players from the first women team and other borrowed German girls, 5th place was a good result. In women team Domjancic was outstanding with 42 goals and just 2 misses shots, Zgela also had a good tournament with 42 goals and 26 assists. Men team had a one on one tournament where in the 6 games they all combined had just 26 assists.

On Masters in Portugal, we have made excellent results, as a team and also as individuals. Two men teams have finished 1st and 3rd, women team 5th.Girls have won the fair play award after just 9 fouls in the whole tournament. Girls best scorer was Kelava with an average just little more of 12 points per game. Men teams had a lot of good players, Igor Totic was named the best goalkeeper of the tournament with 10 saves per game and Ivan Juric the best scorer with 66 points. Our second team also had good individuals, dr. Hranilovic had 45 points and 12 assists and Drago Fantic was brilliant with his 41 assists during the tournament.

Second tournament of the season was opening of Croatian championship. Both first teams have won the 1st place. Kelava was once again top scorer and Maja Majstorovic was great with 38 saves. In men team Paradzik had 16 blocks and 19 assists.


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