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altLast weekend the third tournament of Croatian Beach handball series was held in Zadar on Kolovare beach. 11 men teams and 6 women teams were participating in tournamet. Good news are that threre were some temas from Zadar that have tried beach handball for the first time.

Nothing new in women results, Detono Zagreb has won Zadar open defeating BHC Sokol in the finals, even Maida Arslanagic who plays for Croatian handball national team couldn't have helped them beat Deteno.


Men team Detono Zagreb is back on track, after thrid place on Crikvenica open, they have won Zadar open. This result brings them very close to the Croatian champion title. In the final they have outscored the team Dugi rat, who were a respectable opponent with Croatian national team player Drago Vojnovic and young but very prospective specialst Mislav Plazibat.

Chemo profili Zagreb have made theirs best result in Croatian championship this year. With a little more luck they could have been even better than 4th place. After loss from Detono in semis, they have lost match for the bronze medal on shoot out from Chuck Norris. So on this tournament first 3 teams were from 3 different cities, Zagreb, Dugi Rat, Rijeka.

Results, final day:


Quater-finals: White boys – Chuck Norris 1:2 (22:23, 17:16, 2:6), BHC Sokol – KRP Dugi rat 0:2 (18:24, 20:23), Detono – BHC Dubrava 2:0 (30:14, 32:18), KRP Zaprešić – Chemo profili 0:2 (10:18, 15:19)

Semi-final: Chuck Norris – KRP Dugi rat 1:2 (24:22, 14:21, 4:7), Detono – Chemo profili 2:0 (21:14, 25:16)

3rd place: Chuck Norris – Chemo profili 2:1 (25:16, 16:22, 9:6)

FINAL: Detono – KRP Dugi rat 2:0 (21:15, 21:18)


Semi-final: Detono – Dalmatinke 2:0 (20:9, 24:18), BHC Sokol – Kontesa Nera 2:0 (14:10, 21:20)

3rd place: Dalmatinke – Kontesa Nera 2:1 (17:14, 18:27, 4:3)

FINAL: Detono – BHC Sokol 2:0 (30:15, 24:16)


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