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This year, after a few years of rest, Zagreb league is about to take place again. For the league herself( although with the different name – Jarun league) you could say that it's an origin of Beach handball in Croatia, regarding that it was one of the first organised Beach handall events on these areas.

In the first years of the beggining of this sport( end of 2002., start of 2003.) on the initiative of professor Zlatko Belančić and leading people linked with Beach handball( among the reast Mr. Miljenko Simić) Beach handball league was put in motion. Many of the teams that have been keeping a constant high level of play in Croatian Beach handball have learned their first steps playing this league. Teams like Rašljara, Golden balls, Let Cepelin Toma soft,Trešnja club, Salon tepiha,Popescu, Detono Zagreb can thank for their good results in Croatian championship right to this league's friendly character and the fact that it took place before the start of the regular season.

altThis year a group of enthusiasts and registered team leaders have decided to start again with the project of Zagreb league, so that new generations and new teams could have a chance to acclimatize to the level of play that is necessary for the teams to be competent in Croatian championship.

11 registred teams in men and 5 in women category, most of these 16 teams are playing their first 'real' senior season of Beach handball, which is a good base for the future that will, we hope, bring a constant grow of the number of teams and in the end contribute to the conserving Croatian beach handball position and reputation that it holds today in the Europe and the rest of the world.

altBHC Zagreb will participate with 2 men and 2 women teams, just like it did so far. Big news are that this year our club's junior team will also take part in this competition. Because of really bad weather, start of the Zagreb league was postponed for the 23. May 2010.

Schedule will be finished by Tuesday( 18. May 2010.). You can read more informations about Zagreb league at official Croatian Beach handball site: www.zrs.com.hr/beach


Academic Beach Handball Club

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Mladen Paradžik
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