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altTwo days ago electoral Assembly of Academic beach handball club Zagreb was held. Event was placed in the hall of Faculty of science. So, participants elected their candidates for new four year period.

Below you can see the agenda and synopsis of decisionsthat have been confirmed with the votes of majority.

Assembly itself began in due time and the official part lasted about an hour. Under the leadership of President of our club (Mr Glavočić), Assembly decided in accordance with the Associations Act and the Statute of the club-given that there was a quorum.

Election Assembly began at 18.15

The President gave the opening word, and thanked to the sponsors-Detono Zagreb, and Chemo profili, as well as guests (Mrs Jurković and Mr Močilac).On behalf of Croatian handball federation an apology was read.

Selection of the working bodies of the Assembly: Diana Žgela and Ana Vranešić were elected.

Recorder secretary was Nevena Krajcar and Krešimir Malbašić and Ivan Jugović were official certifiers.


Agenda acceptance

· Selection of the working bodies of the Assembly (verification commission, recorder secretary, official certifiers)

· Acceptance of agenda

· The report of the verification commission

· Report bodies of ABHC Zagreb (the Presidency, the Supervisory Committee, Disciplinary Committee, the financial plan).

· Report of the President on the work of the Club for the past 4 years.

· Promjene Statuta AKRP ZAGREB Changes to the Statute AKRP ZAGREB

· Izbor članova Predsjedništva, Nadzornog odbora, Stegovne komisije. The election of members of the Presidency, the Supervisory Board, Disciplinary Commission.

· Announcement of Honorary President.

· Miscellaneous

Agenda unanimously accepted.

The report of the verification commission

The Commission has concluded that are more than a haf members were present on assembly (29 of a total of 53 members). So-the quorum was achieved all decisions are further valid.

Reports of the working bodies for 2009


Regular meeting

Selection of official coaches and the allocation of subsidies for regular training.

Beach handball tournament was organized (Jarun 2009) for seniors and juniors.

Jako equipment

Report unanimously adopted.

Nadzorni odbor Supervisory Board

Revenues increased in 2009 - internally, the prize money, fee .

Increased income from the prize fund, which is a very good trend.

Shows the relationship of income and presented the results of male and female teams.

Report unanimously adopted.

Suggestion of the Supervisory Board was that is necessary to go foreign tournaments and tournaments with prize awards..

Disciplinary Commission

There was no disciplinary procedures in 2009.


Number of club members:

2006- 35 members

2007 and 2008- 41 members

2009 53 members

Financial report was previously given to the Supervisory board.

Financial plan for the upcoming season was unanimously accepted.

Report of the President on the work of the Club for the past 4 years (2006 - 2010)

Played over 400 games - of which 300 victories, a total of about 70% pobjeđenih games.

Current European champion (m) and the vice champion of Europe (f).

Current Croatian champion (m + w), and vice champion (f-second team).

„The project Beach handball for youth“ was started, whose members have participated in international tournaments.

Members of the club were selected in the Croatian national team, and they all(World and European) have had the best results.

In cooperation with Croatian handball federation our members are trained and licensed by EHFa (coach).

Club rooms were aso settled.

Report unanimously adopted.

Elections of members of the Presidency, the Supervisory Board and the Disciplinary Commission


Proposed to the presidency as part of Zoran Glavočić, Romana Domjančić, Mladen Paradžik.

Presidency was unanimously accepted.

Members of the Presidency

Unanimously elected president Zoran Glavočić, for vice-president Romana Domjančić.

Supervisory Board It is proposed to dissmiss the existing Supervisory Board composed of Peh Resman, Jeletić, Bašić, due to personal commitments. It was unanimously accepted.

The following members of the Supervisory Board are proposed:

An Ana Vranešić - unanimously accepted.

Iv Ivan Jugovic - accepted with two abstentions to vote.

Lu Lucija Babun - accepted with one vote against.

Disciplinary Commission

Kenan Mačkić asked to be dismissed from DC and Presidency proposed Ivana Krpina. Dissolution and replacement were unanimously accepted.

Existing members of the DC: Zeljko Mirazović and Diana Zgela will stay in the commission: that was unanimously accepted.

altThe Presidency shall nominate Mr. Glavas an honorary president, as well as gratitude for all the help he has given in the passed time in the club (financial, moral, advisory). The proposal was unanimously accepted. Honorary President will have an advisory function.

Mr. Glavas also receieved commemorative plaque.

To the representative of the company Chemo profili, Mr. Mario Paradžik –the plaque was also given.


Academic Beach Handball Club

Bitorajska 24
10000 Zagreb

Mladen Paradžik
+385 95 8136 286
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