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On the New years tournament, held in Castrop Rauxel (west Germany), Croatia was represented with two teams. After the organizers call, Detono Zagreb appeared in this strong tournament with women's and men's team. Among other teams, in the tournament appeared perennial German men's champions Sand devils Minden and Beach Boys Köln, and women's champions Bumblebee Wildeshausen. 14 women's and 12 men's team were gathered in a beautiful sports complex, Indoor-Beach-Arena. On the first day of the tournament, group matches were played, and both our teams had two wins and one defeat.

Women's team has placed to quarter finals as the second one in a group stage. They were defeated only by The Storms, a team which won the tournament. Male team is first placed in the group stage. On the last day our female team met the Bonnbon team, which defeated them and stopped their way up to a better standing. In the playoff games girls were better than teams Springbocke and TV Wanne 1885. They ended this tournament on the fifth place. "Considering the fact that we played the tournament in a team which hasn't played many games together, I'm extremely pleased with the game. As the tournament was coming to an end our game was improving. To finish the tournament with only two defeats and with such a strong competition is a success, especially because this standing is bringing us valuable EBT (European Beach Handball Tour) points.", said the captain of the Detonatorice team Romana Domjančić. Players: Domjančić, Krajcar, Podgorski, Žgela, Maček, Hellen.

Men's team won in the quarterfinals their old rivals, Beach Boys Koln, and in the semifinals they defeated Sand Devils Minden team. In the finals they played against Sandelfen team and after a shoot out won their first tournament this season.

˝ Eventhough we made some mistakes in the game and lost one match in the shoot out, this was the first check of this season's shape where we showed that the quality of game has remained on the upper level. This winter tournaments are very useful because they interrupt the break between two summer seasons and help us to see which things we have to improve and how to prepare the team for defending the last year's european championships title this june in Povoa de Varzim, Portugal˝ concluded the player and the coach of Detono Zagreb, Igor Požeg. The tournament was won by these players:

Fantić, Glavočić, Jugović, Maras, Mirazović, Paradžik, Požeg, Vuletić.

Results - Women

Group matches:
Detono Zagreb - The Storms: 0-2
TuS 09 Drolshagen
- Detono Zagreb: 1:2
Detono Zagreb - Springböcke (TSG Oberursel) 2:0
Westerholter Schlumpfparade – Detono Zagreb: 0:2

1 finals:
- Detono Zagreb: 2-0

5. place playoff:
Detono Zagreb - Springböcke: 2-0
Detono Zagreb- TV Wanne 1885: 2-0

Results - men

Group matches:
Detono Zagreb - SC Phönix Essen 2:0
TSG Oberursel
- Detono Zagreb: 2-1
Detono Zagreb - Sand devils Minden: 2.0

1 finals:

Detono Zagreb - Beach boys Köln

1 finals:

Detono Zagreb - Sand devils Minden: 2-1

Final game:
Sandelfen - Detono Zagreb: 1:2

Overall standings:


  1. The Storms
  2. Blind Fischlies
  3. Bumblebee Wildeshausen
  4. Bonnbon
  5. Detono Zagreb
  6. Springböcke
  7. Blind Turtles
  8. TV Wanne 1885
  9. SC Phönix Essen
  10. Königsborner SV
  11. Tus 09 Drolshagen
  12. BSV Ostbevern
    + Narumol, Westerholter Schlumpfparade


  1. Detono Zagreb
  2. Sandelfen
  3. Sand Devils Minden
  4. SG Überruhr
  5. Beach Boys Köln
  6. 8er Bembel Oberursel
  7. Beach Boys Jung
  8. Wild Things Cologne
  9. HSG Rheinbach/Wormersdorf
  10. HSG Rauxel-Schwerin
  11. SSC Idensen
  12. SC Phönix Esse

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