One month ago EHF published an officiial announcement (i.e. list) of teams that were qualified on Masters (tournament of best teams in past season). So, we want to introduce sport colleagues and beach handball friends from other countries. We have designed a couple of questions for each team and we performed an interview with representatives of each team via e-mail. In the first seqence we have the honor to introduce one Dutch team : TSHV CAMELOT TILBURG.We spoke with the chairman of Camelot team-Mr Bas van den Dungen

For introduction, tell us something about your team.

We're the handball team of Tilburg University. We try to combine good handball with a nice social environment. Since 2002 we play beach handball in the summer.

Is this the first time that you will play on Masters tour? If yes,what do you expect? (of organization,other teams....)

This is the first time we've participated in the EBT, so we're very happy to have made it to the finals. We expect to see a professional tournament, with very strong teams and hope it will good promotion for student handball, beach handball in The Netherlands and Beach handball in general. We hope to see and show some nice beach handball, meet new friends and perhaps party a little ?

You are representing your state on this tournament,so are there any strong sponsors or media to help the team to promote you(some sport magazines or tv?) Is beach handball a popular sport in your state?

Beach handball is starting to become very popular in The Netherlands, but it's still handball teams that play it, we have no pure beach handball teams. Promotion will be little, I doubt many teams realize the EBT exists and that we've placed ourselves.

How long do you exist as a team,when did you start to play and what was the beginning like?Was it difficult to create a beach handball club?

As said, we're not a beach handball team, we're a normal handball team that plays beach handball in the summer. We've been playing beach handball since 2002 and have enjoyed it ever since. We're participating in many tournaments, in Holland and outside, we're participating in the Dutch Student Championships of Beach handball for many years and earned a bronze medal, 5 silver medals and 1 gold medal.

Where do you have trainings? How many courts are per city? Do you use maybe indoor courts during winter?

We practice a few times a year on a normal court. We have 1-2 courts in Tilburg. Indoor courts don't exist in The Netherlands as far as I know. We mostly play tournaments to practice.

Do you,as a team, play only beach handball or do you play also indoor handball and just play together during the summer?

Just in the summer

How is the championship organised in your state? How many tournaments do you have?

The championship got cancelled this year, due to lack of money.

How many tours do you play per year, do you often play in other countries in Europe or maybe on other continents?

We combine our holidays with a few tournaments. At first we went to Italy every year, now we combine Italy, with e.g. Hungary, Croatia and Belgium.

Are there any players in your team that play for the national team?


How do you plan to prepare the team for Masters tour? Do you train every day during the season?

We'll practice 1-2 times a week and if possible play a tournament before the masters.

What are your goals on Masters tour? Just to play and have fun or to win one of the medals?

We're going to combine the two. Playing should be fun, but we'll always play to win. That said we're happy to have made it to the Masters and don't expect to win it.

Do you have any information of other teams on Masters?

No, so we're looking forward to the results of your questionnaire.

How do you see the progress of beach handball in future?

It will become more popular. Some countries will have beachandball teams, others, like The Netherlands where it's cold, will have handball teams playing beachandball in the summer. I hope it's get the status beachvolleybal and beachsoccer have, but handball is a less popular sport.


How do you see the differences between indoor and beach handball?

It's a sport designed for show. Fair play, enjoying the sport are the most important aspects. The sport is not about rivalry and fighting to win, but to bring friends together that appreciate a nice atmosphere and skillfully played handball.

Do you have some program of creating young beach players,or everyone just plays indoor and for fun beach? Do you think that it is necessary to develop beach handball as independent sport,not so connected to indoor handball and players?

It is the way it should be, but in many countries this will not be possible.

Do you have any information about croatian beach handball? (teams,results...?)

Not from the top of my head.


Academic Beach Handball Club

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10000 Zagreb

Mladen Paradžik
+385 95 8136 286
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