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In this session we will present you guys from Portugal.  The team v.Gaw is one of the famous Portuguese teams, that became constant value at the highest European beach handball team competition level.

Below you can find their funny answers, but we can assure you that they are funny just outside the court. During the game they are deadly serious, trying to do their best and win opposing team. They are one of the reasons why Portugal is constantly present on beach handball map, and for sure- we can expect further development and growing of this beach handball nation, partially because of them also.Enjoy


  1. Tell us few words about your team (when did you start to play and what was the beggining like, number of winning trophies, medals, most relevant tournaments that you have visited, some interesting story maybe?).

Our team started playing in the remote year of 2000. We actually won our first tournament, and we enjoyed the winning taste so much, that we already lost count of the winning trophies J

  1. How many times have you participated on EBT Masters finals?

This will be the third time.

  1. Write your key players and tell us few interesting notes about them.

We have a bunch of them:

  • Tiago "Electronic bracelet" Silva – most experienced and fastest player on the sands, although with a big limitation
  • João "MVP“ Pinho – 2018 EBT best Goal Keeper
  • Daniel "Legs“ Costa – the most unpredictable player
  • Daniel "The Dancer“ Gomes – Female body inspector
  • Rui "Xixa" Pereira – "Penalty" master
  1. What do you expect from EBT Masters finals in Baia Mare?

To be as fun as always, top class beach handball quality, great team spirit and fair-play.

  1. If you have the team motto and nickname, please write it down.

Vakedo Gaw

Academic Beach Handball Club

Bitorajska 24
10000 Zagreb

Mladen Paradžik
+385 95 8136 286
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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