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Members of the Academic beach handball club Zagreb will be part of the entertaining tournament in Polish city of Krakow at the end of the April. Furthermore, men and women tems were invited to demonstrate the beach handball at the Krakow University.

The main contributor and the key player of this wonderfull idea is Mrs Adriana Chowańska. Last year she studied in Croatia where she played the beach handball for BHC Zagreb.

At the beginning of this interview, tell us few words about yourself.

At this moment I study Croatistics at Jagiellonian University. Basicaly, I am not from Krakow, I am from Tarnov (80 km east from Krakow) and I start to play handball in main school. Since I was a little girl I adored Ivano Balić and was a  huge fan of Croatian national selection ( that was the time when Polish national selections were not so good in handball), and that was one of the reasons why I study Croatistics ;) .Of course there were other reasons to study Croatistics but they are not important for this story ;). Since I played at the middle back position, Ivano Balić was my hero, off course ;).

Last year I got the scholarship and went to Zagreb. When I arrived, I wanted to participate on some handball practices. Since the¸ Philosophy faculty didn't have the practices during Summer I searched on Facebook and found that guys from Faculty of science have the practices on the sand. So-it was a bit of luck involved in this whole story ;).

When did you create the idea about the invitation tournament? How many teams do you expect and what is the main goal of the beach handball tournament in Krakow?

Basically, the idea came to me when I was in Zagreb. Romana (BHC Zagreb vice president) told me that BHC Zagreb went to the Netherlands few years ago to show the basic things about the beach handball to Camelot team when they began with the beach handball. Then I thought that Krakow also has sand courts, which could be great for beach handball practices and few friendly  games. Since we do not have the beach handball team in Krakow I realized that it could be great to have European beach handball champions to show the basic things about the beach handball. So, the first day will be dedicated to the basic things (in flight an spinshot techniques, rule explanation etc.) During the second day, few friendly matches will be played as part of the friendly tournament where new players could apply what they learned the day before. The number of the new players will certainly depend on weather, and I hope that it will be sunny during that weekend (17.-19.4). In case of  lousy weather, we will probably have the practice in the sport hall.

We know that Polish teams are important part of the beach handball scene at the club and national selection level. What is the beach handall situation in Krakow?

There were a lot of beach handball teams in Poland, but in most of the cases those are the teams from North and West Poland. That was also the reason why I decided to invite you. We have the indoor teams, but neither clubs or University tried with beach handball so far. I hope that it will change after our invitation tournament.

What are your further plans after this tournament? Do you want to form the team which will participate on the tournaments in Poland and the rest of the Europe maybe?

Forming a team would be great thing, but of course there were few reasons which inluence on team forming such as  people's enthusiasm, court availability. I hope that we will start with the practices after this tournament and hopefully participate on some EBT tournaments soon.

At the end, BHC Zagreb will organize the tournament at the beginning of May at Jarun lake in Zagreb. Is there any chance to sse you during Jarun cup in Zagreb?

I will come to Zagreb for sure. Alone or with my new beach handball team from Krakow ;).

At the end we would like to thank to the donators for their support. Thank you because of that.

You may find the original invitation letter (on Polish) HERE


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