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Member of the Academic beach handball club Zagreb, Maja Majstorović, has spoken with Fernando Gallego, Alcala player which won the European club title last year in Umag. In addition you could read what Nano said to Maja. Enjoy.

1.       First of all I would like to thank you for taking some times for this interview.Can you, please, introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello everyone.Thank you for invited me on this interview. My name is  Fernando Gallego ( Nano ), I was born on June 18, 1985 and coming from Spain. I'm a specialist handball player with Balonmano Playa Alcalá and  play for...

...national team of Spain.I can also say that I'm an assistant coach U-18. Graduate in Economics.

2.       For everybody who doesn't know, at the European Beach Handball Championship 2013. which was held in Umag, your team won the 1st place. What was the feeling to become an European Beach Handball Champion?

It was amazing to get title after an equalized and very intense final. The whole work that we had been looking since 2009 gave their profits. That was definitely one of the best feelings of my sporting life.

3.       As we know , you've played the Final match with BHC Detono  Zagreb from Croatia. That was the hard game till the end, don't you think? In your opinion, what was the key moment in that match, which decided who will be the winner?

„ Difficult question.I think that both teams know each other very well, and they know how to compete, for this reason, the match was close until the end. Few match have been so tight ( if I remember correctly: 18-17 and 17- 18) and shoot out decided by the success of our goalkeeper in the latest release. I think it was a very tough final match but quite nice. It will repeat this year? ( I hope so )“


4.       You are coming from Spain, country with a lot of sunny days, many beautiful beaches and people who live for Sport. From your point of view, does people in Spain prefer beach handball more than indoor handball?

„ Alcala Madrid haven't got beach and few resources, but we try to encourage everyone to practice this sport.The main problem in Spain is that beach handball is not fostered from practically anywhere. People think that beach handball is to get drunk and play just for fun. Excluding 3 or 4 clubs, the rest practice thereby. Just do everyone who practices it…Repeat!


5.       Do you also play an indoor handball?Which one of them do you like more?

„ Yes, I also play an indoor handball since I was 10 and train hard every day but if you ask me which one of them I like more, my answer would always be BEACH HANDBALL…forever and always! Nothing can't compare with that feeling.

6.       In Croatia, the most of players who play for National Beach Handball Team are playing  indoor and beach handball. Few of them are not playing beach handball on the club level. What is the situation in Spain? What do you think about that ?

„ In Spain, all beach handball players, play indoor handball and I think playing all year allows you to get fit and have higher competition rhythm. Spain's problem ( for me ) is that the majority of the national team players not playing beach handball. In my opinion that's mistake. It isn't normal for a team Champion in Europe contribute with only 2 players to the national team.“


7.       When did you start play Beach handball? And what do you think is the most important for that  Sport?strenght, endurance,proficiency or something else?

„ I started in 2007 with a team of friends and in 2008 I signed to play with the Balonmano Playa Alcalá.Wow, it's already 7 years..I'm old..hehe.The most important thing to practice beach handball, in my opinion is work and work again.When we started, we didn't win anything.In 5 years we have won more than 20 titels and also we became an European Champions.Work, perseverance and enjoy this sport.“

8.       Spring will come very soon and with that also a new Beach Handball season.You probably can't wait that, aren't you?Tell me, when would you start prepare and train hard for the new season?

„ How well you know me!I wish I could  enjoy the beach handball throughout the year such as Brazil do. Our team will begin preparing two days per week a month before the start of the EBT Masters.“


9.       You are also a coach of a young and perspective female beach handball team.Tell us is it harder work with a women than with a men or is it the same ?

„ With a young male team is easier than with a female team. Just kidding..hehe. Both teams have the same illusion that I had when I started to play beach handball. And they also have a tremendous desire to learn. They are living their own dream in that sport and I can feel their passion and enthusiasm. Because of that I enjoy in every moment spending with them.I'm very happy and satisfied with both team.“

10.    And the last question, The European Beach Handball Championship for 2014 would be held in Thessaloniki, in Greece.What's your expectation?

„ I think there would be a lot of equality again.In my opinon there are 4 favorite teams which can win the European title: BHC Detono Zagreb ( CRO), Ekaterinodar ( RUS ), Beach Stars ( HUN), and my team. My prognosis-Finale 2014: Handball Club Alcalá ( ESP) vs. BHC Detono Zagreb ( CRO).

p.s. thank you very much for your time…:D  see you soon in Greece!


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