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The last in a series of tournaments in beach handball in Croatia was played last weekend. All our teams achieved an extraordinary success in this tournament, so we can say that this is so far the most successful tournament in the history of the club.

Cadiz 20089

As of today, Croatia has two more gold medals, and this will definitely enter our sports history. In the men's competition Croatians dethroned current world champions Brasil with the result of 2:1, while the girls, with straight 2:0 won the match with Spain - and the result of two finals won was the famous Croatian winning caterpillar on andalusian sand.

In Spanish Cadiz was the third world championship in beach handball officially opened last night. The opening ceremony was followed by exibition shoot-out competition with the participation of two player of all (24) teams present in the tournament. Botica and Bukovina in the women's and Vladušić and Pavelić in the men's competition were our representatives.

While I am writing this story, our guys are just warming up on Victoria beach, and they will face up with the first competitor-national selection of Uruguay.

This weekend is a small expedition sent in Letenye and returned with bowl and silver medals.
I say small because it was only 7 players in men competition (Glavočić, Požeg, Malbašić, Madjerčić, Hranilović, Jelić, Vutmej), and three female professional staff member (Neve, Tanja and Marija).

Last weekend has finished second of three tournaments that are evaluated this year for Croatian beach handball Championship. Beach handball players from Dugi Rat (current Croatian champions) in the men's and Trešnja klub in the women's competition won this EBT Tournament.


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