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The Playadettes consist of actual- and former- 1st division players (highest Swiss league), and is playing since 2002 beachhandball in Switzerland and abroad. Since 2003 they organize, together with the BHC Luzern (www.bhc-luzern.ch) their own tournament, which is an EBT tournament, the main tournament in Switzerland which is fast growing. The next tournament will take place in 2009, 13nd and 14th of June 2009, in Kriens. All international teams are welcome to join!

Here is the translation from the organizers web page! How did the organizer experienced the last tournament!

Last weekend, in a small Swiss town Einsiedeln, was an international beach handball held on which three Croatian teams participated (Detono Zagreb-both men and woman and team Chemo-profili Zagreb in men competition). Considering the game and the result, all three teams accomplished amazing success by winning a trophy.

This article brings you the second part of the text written by Davor Rokavec, a worthy member of Croatian Beach Handball team and a graduate student of Faculty of Phsycal Education. We hope that this article will reach to some indoor handball coaches.

In previous text, which was published in 3 parts on our site (author: Tamas Neukum), beach handball and indoor handball were compared. So, we think we should publish this article in episodes written by Davor Rokavec, a worthy member of Croatian Beach Handball Team which won 2008 World Championship held in Cadiz. Author `s beach handball career is full of achievements and good results crowned by gold medal from last WC. In preparations for WC at Cadiz he was in charge for physical readiness of players in Croatian National Team. We hope you will enjoy reading his story.


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