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3rd annual Assembly of BHC Detono Zagreb took place in a hall of Faculty of Science at Friday evening. According to items of agenda present issues have been figured out. After an hour and a half of session few decisions have been made to help further development and improvement of our Club.

European Beach Handball Tour Masters Finals (season of 2008)
30 – 31 May 2009 in the Municipality of Meliti (Issos), Greece

In the name of all members of AKRP Detono Zagreb, volunteers who help with the organization of World's Championship holding from 17th January to 1st February 2009 in Croatia, we want to congratulate croatian players and national team on great success. We want also that they continue to play so well, holding the rthym of winning and of course we hope that they will win the gold medal because they deserve it for their effort, quality and behaviour.

Congratulations to our Cowboys and keep going like that!!!! :) Break a leg!

George S. Bebetsos, MSc1, Richard Turner2

1EHF Beach Handball Commission, member, 2EHF Strategic Business, Corporate Communication


Beach Handball, identity, customer, marketing, logotype

On Friday, January 23, 2009 in P-1 hall at Chemistry department of Faculty of Science, Horvatovac 102a will be held the annual assembly of Academic beach handball club Zagreb. We ask all members to participate the meeting.


Academic Beach Handball Club

Bitorajska 24
10000 Zagreb

Mladen Paradžik
+385 95 8136 286
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