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For the first time in history of this competition, EBT Masters finals will be held in Romania. Baia Mare will host the best teams in both cateogories. The tournament will be held from 6-9.6.2019. In order to spread the word about the competition we will publish series of articles about the participating teams. Few weeks ago, ABHC Zagreb started to collect the interviews from participating teams and here we will present those who respond to our questionnaire. Once again, thanks all teams that took time to answer to few questions.

First team that we will present is famous Hungarian team Beach Stars.Here is their story:

Tell us few words about your team (when did you start to play and what was the beggining like, number of winning trophies, medals, most relevant tournaments that you have visited, some interesting story maybe?).

1. Our team was founded in 2002 by a group of friends. Since then, we won 2 times the EBT Finals, 4 times the Hungarian Championship and 3 times the Hungarian Cup. In 2010 we awarded the Fair Play prize at the EBT Finals in Fuengirola. Furthermore we organized 5 EBT Tournament and 1 EBT Finals as well. During the years our team name changed from time to time (Béres Vitalin, Credit Suisse, Winterthur, AXA, Budaörs), but we are the same team: Beach Stars BHC.

How many times have you participated on EBT Masters finals?

2. Since 2005 it's our 11th participation

Beach starsWrite your key players and tell us few interesting notes about them.

3. Our keyplayer is the TEAM. We have young and talented players, who will lead us back to the top of Europe hopefully. But if we must name some remarkable players, we are very proud of our national team players like András Nagy and Norbert Vitáris in the A national team, Balázs Glózik, György Molnár and Péter Valler in the B national team and of course of our young titans, like Bence Hornyák, Balázs Matuszka, Csanád Neukum, who participated in the first Youth Olympic in Buenos Aires 2018.

What do you expect from EBT Masters finals in Baia Mare?

4. There are 6-8 teams which are able to win the title, so we expect a very good but tough final this year, with the hope we can win a medal.


Academic Beach Handball Club

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