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Today in Crikvenica will begin days of sports and entertainment “Sport FEST”, which will last from 27. until June 6. July. As part of this event in the “Sport Arena Fest” will be held one of the Croatian EBT tournaments, Crikvenica Open 2008.

In addition to the tournament organizer has prepared additional facilities this year. On Friday 27.6. at 9 pm in KATAKA COCTAIL bar in Crikvenica will be held choice of EBT CRO 2008 miss and mister.

On Saturday in 20.30 hours Neno Belan and Marijan Ban will have concert in the Sport arena, and after the concert, until the early morning hours party will be in a restaurant bar SABBIA.



Tournament schedule

Friday, 27.6.2008

TimeCourtSp. team 1team 2
18:00Sport fest ArenaMGroup BČudna ekipaAXA Beach Stars Budapest BHC
18:30Sport fest ArenaMGroup CSport festBHT Zamet
19:00Sport fest ArenaMGroup ATime outRiječani
19:30Sport fest ArenaMGroup DGolden ballsStolarija Karamatić
20:00Sport fest ArenaMGroup CWhite boysBHT Zamet
20:30Sport fest ArenaMGroup BDetono Zagreb PMFAXA Beach Stars Budapest BHC
21:00Sport fest ArenaŽGroup ATrešnja KlubDetono Zagreb PMF
21:30Sport fest ArenaŽGroup AWBHC Kontesa NeraKamo sutra

Suaturday, 28.6.2008

VrijemeTerenSp. team 1team 2
10:00Sport fest ArenaMGroup DLetenye Select - H2O BHTSandstorm
10:30Sport fest ArenaMGroup CLET CEPELIN Toma - softSport fest
11:00Sport fest ArenaMGroup AKRP Dugo RatRašljari
11:30Sport fest ArenaMGroup BAXA Beach Stars Budapest BHCSalon tepiha
12:00Sport fest ArenaWGroup ATrešnja KlubWBHC Kontesa Nera
12:30Sport fest ArenaWGroup ADetono Zagreb PMFKamo sutra
13:00Sport fest ArenaMGroup DStolarija KaramatićSandstorm
13:30Sport fest ArenaMGroup CBHT ZametLET CEPELIN Toma - soft
14:00Sport fest ArenaMGroup ARašljariRiječani
14:30Sport fest ArenaMGroup BČudna ekipaSalon tepiha
15:00Sport fest ArenaMGroup DSandstormGolden balls
15:30Sport fest ArenaMGroup DStolarija KaramatićLetenye Select - H2O BHT
16:00Sport fest ArenaMGroup BSalon tepihaDetono Zagreb PMF
16:30Sport fest ArenaMGroup CWhite boysSport fest
17:00Sport fest ArenaMGroup DGolden ballsLetenye Select - H2O BHT
17:30Sport fest ArenaMGroup AKRP Dugo RatTime out
18:00Sport fest ArenaMGroup CLET CEPELIN Toma - softWhite boys
18:30Sport fest ArenaMGroup BDetono Zagreb PMFČudna ekipa

Sunday, 29.6.2008

VrijemeTerenSp. Team 1Team 2
10:00Sport fest ArenaMGroup ARašljariTime out
10:30Sport fest ArenaMGroup ARiječaniKRP Dugi Rat
11:00Sport fest ArenaWGroup AKamo sutraTrešnja Klub
11:30Sport fest ArenaWGroup AWBHC Kontesa NeraDetono Zagreb PMF
12:30Sport fest ArenaMQuarterfinal 1Group A (1.)Group D (2.)
13:00Sport fest ArenaMQuarterfinal 2Group B (1.)Group C (2.)
13:30Sport fest ArenaMQuarterfinal 3Group C (1.)Group B (2.)
14:00Sport fest ArenaMQuarterfinal 4Group D (1.)Group A (2.)
15:00Sport fest ArenaMSemifinal 1quarterfinal 1 winnerquarterfinal 2 winner
15:30Sport fest ArenaMSemifinal 2quarterfinal 3 winner
quarterfinal 4 winner
16:30Sport fest ArenaW3.-4. place 1Group A (3.)Group A (4.)
17:00Sport fest ArenaM3.-4. place 1Semifinal 1 lost
Semifinal 2 lost
17:30Sport fest ArenaWFinal 1Group A (1.)Group A (2.)
18:00Sport fest ArenaMFinal 1Semifinal 1 winnner
Semifinal 2 winner



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