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altSpring is coming, Jarun is coming, so the referees are coming! Let's get to know each other and read the interview with our friends from Poland - Ania Gaweł and Edyta Jaworska. Girls will visit us for the second time (almost third as you will read in the article) and were so kind to give us an interview once again (the first one is available here) - read what was their reason to be the part of summer story again and what would they recommend before your trip to Zagreb ;)

You’re coming back after short break. For those who didn’t heard, thanks to Ana our handball family has grown by another young member :) Will Jarun be your first tournament after such break? From the point of referees’ view what are your expectations towards the tournament?

Edyta: Hello guys! Yes, thanks to little Tadeusz we had a break, but on the other hand it wasn’t that long, and, what’s more, we’re working together during indoor season as well. Jarun won’t be the first tournament after the break – Ania, during her pregnancy, longed so much for beach handball that after a MONTH after she gave birth, we went to Camelot together :) When speaking about expectations – we are prepared for lots of matches on a high level, and good atmosphere. As a referees we want to start the season with smiles on our faces and work on tiny mistakes on a regular basis.

Ania: The previous season was, for me, mainly watching all available live streamings. Tournament in the Netherlands wasn’t the only one – we managed to visit Salgo Cup as well, but still it was way too little! Indoor refereeing is not the same, so I really can’t wait to come to Zagreb :-D I have no doubts that this will be ideal start of the 2017 season!

What was the main reason that you decided to ride around thousand kilometres and take part in our tournament for the second time (Ania and Edyta visited us in 2015)?

Edyta: Because we missed beach handball? The atmosphere? The weather?(hihihi) We know that Jarun is a very good tournament – well organized and with many teams playing beach handball on very high level, so we couldn’t wait to start the season already in April.

Ania: If I wasn’t pregnant, this tournament would be the third. But I’m almost sure that there will be more of them ;-) If you invite us, of course ;-)

What did you remember most after last visit in Zagreb?

Edyta: I remember the atmosphere – despite frequent showers everyone was cheerful. It was amazing to see the kinds, probably around 8, playing on the courts – it’s fantastic idea to train them so early! I liked the level of organization and matches itself as well, international company – both teams and officials. To be honest, two times we got lost when driving to Zagreb - it’s a memory of a lifetime :D

What would you recommend teams, referees and/or delegates that will visit Croatia for the first time?

Edyta: GUYS, CROATIA IS NOT IN EURO ZONE YET! Hehe, and now serious, I truly recommend this tournament – you can learn a lot there, you can meet teams from all over the Europe, friends and you can start the season really early :) It’s a unique tournament to meet handball family.

Ania: Have fun, guys! ;-)


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