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Last weekend, on the ground of recreational sports center Jarun has played beach handball tournament-Zagreb open.

With the participation of 17 male and 7 female team in this year's open Zagreb is not broken down in the record number of registered teams, but the quality is certainly stayed on last year level. Considering that Zagreb open is one of three beach handball tournaments in Croatia which evaluates for Croatian championships-all best and eminent Croatian teams participate on that tournament. Hungarian national team participated too (strong tournament served them as part of training for world beach handball championship in which they will participate).

First day of tournament, as well as the second day were marked by rain, which is somewhat ruined experience and feeling that comes with Zagreb open. But weather on Sunday allowed the best Croatian and Hungarian players to demonstrate why is beach handball serious pretender to become Olympic sport .

Let's start now by our girl matches . The girls are the only who played match first day of the tournament (on Friday). Against youth teams Ljubljanica Detono Zagreb came as a favorite and fulfilled the expectations and recorded the first two points. The following day they won against Goldfinger team and were lost in a group of renowned teams Kamo sutra. Next game was semifinal with Trešnja club, which our girls lost 2:0 despite good game in first period.But lack of experience and luck brought to our girls match for third place. They played against Kamo sutra again, and this time they lost on shoot out . Trešnja club won this tournament. They beated Kontesa Nera (team that won bronze medal on Masters in Valencia).

For Detono Zagreb performed the following players: Krivo, Vranešić, Radić, Žgela, Jeletić, Domjančić, Babun, Kelava, Tomašić, Milić. Coach: Copot

Our "second men team," Time out was also achieved excellent performance on Zagreb open. Guys won fifth place and they have had expectations and made progress in comparison to last year's Zagreb open. In the group they beated Leteći medvjedići team, Sandstorm (for which they were performed international indoor handball players and first league players led by national team players Zlatko Horvat and Manuel Štrlek) and Kaj boo boo. In the last game they lost from the later finalists, Let cepelin Toma soft.

Fate wanted that in quarterfinal meat two teams of the same club Time out and Detono Zagreb. Detono Zagreb hardly beat Time out because Time out played a great game and the first set they lost in the last seconds. Although they lost, they showed that they know how to play beach handball at the highest level.

For Time out played: Jelić K. , Mirazović, Hranilović, Vutmej, Čiča, Požeg, Samardžija and Maras Coach: Paradžik

Detono Zagreb played on Saturday against reputable opponent, Hungarian national team and White boys. Both matches were completed result 2:0 for Detono Zagreb. It is wort to mention that one of the better games give the players against the Hungarian national team where we left them without a great idea and designated tactic came to the persuasive victory. Quarterfinal has brought duel with Time out, and semifinal we played against one of the best Croatian teams-Golden balls. Because of great meaning this match was quite nervous. Due to gross violation two players from Golden balls, Eter and Mateljan deserved red card. However entire game Detono Zagreb played on appropriate level and thus result of 2:0 came to our first finals in domestic tournaments.

In final we played against Let cepelin Toma soft (they won Hungarian national team in quarterfinal and Salon tepiha in semifinal). First period Detono Zagreb was best but in second period Let cepelin was better which led to shoot out. Excellent goalkeeper Totić helped with his defends and Detono Zagreb started to celebrate first domestic title in history.
For Detono Zagreb played: M. Jelić, Glavočić, Jurić, Totić, Copot, Sošić, Madjerčić, Malbašić and Paradžik. Coach: Požeg, the official representative: Knežević

Excellent news came after final game where our players Malbašić, Jurić, Totić and Paradžik received written invitations to the preparation of the national team for the world championship to be held in Cadizu (Spain) in July.Once again, congratulations to everyone.


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