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Finally,after two months of expectation, beach handball Masters has finished. Hungarian teams won in both categories.

Last weekend (7 and 8 of June) men and women EBT Masters was held in Valencia. Teams are invited based on past achievements in 2007 year. 8 men and 8 women teams were there. Male team Detono Zagreb and women team Kontesa Nera presented Croatia on that tournament. Our guys have defended last year's placement on the EBT scale (fifth place), while the girls won bronze. And now a little more detailed sequence of events:


First game Detono Zagreb played in 10:45, on the second ground, against the Serbian team Comtrade Leto2002... To our sorrow, and their joy, big match ended with the score 2:0 for Serbian team.

Next match, our second in group, in 13:45 was played against teams AXA Beach Stars BHC Budapest from Hungary. Budapest won us with 2:1 score. Without pressure of fighting for medals, and motivated with beautiful dance of Spanish dancers from Canarias, Detono Zagreb won in the third game against Azuteam. On Sunday at 14:00 Arsenal de Canelas (Portugal) lost in the struggle for 5 place. For third place Comtrade Leto2002 beat Grupo Vidal (Spain). Finals between Hungarians and teams Alumer Barbate from Spain (on course disappointment of domestic visitors) has been completed victory for the Hungarians. Women's finals was repeated final from last year.This time Hungarians were better and they are Champions for last EBT season.

More detailed information about our team and Masters outside the courts, or in our camp we will publish later. greetings and good night



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