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10 years ago today, 13.1.2006., 24 sports enthusiasts and beach handball lovers founded Beach Handball club PMF. By joining members from across the University of Zagreb and beyond, in 2008.  club changed its name  to Academic Beach Handball Club Zagreb.

Tournament journeys and sports meetings has resulted in excellent sport results, but more important, true friendships and serious love. From the first newspaper article in 2006., with title „We wish Masters“, when our main goal was to qualify for that prestigious competition, the European clubs Championship EBT Masters Finals, till now, we have achieved a lot.

Our women's and men's teams were invited to the EBT Masters Finals in Hungarian Nagyatád already in 2007. and the men's team achieved great success - winning the bronze medal. On the next Masters, in Spain's Valencia, only our men's team, named Detono Zagreb, has qualified. We were fifth there and that was the last time our men's team missed medal on that major competition. At the next European clubs championships, our men's team won four consecutive golds (2009 Corfu, Greece, 2010 Espihno, Portugal, 2011 Fuengirola, Spain, 2012 Lagoa, Portugal), then a silver at home in Umag in 2013 and then again 2 golds (2014 Thesaloniki, Greece, 2015 Budaors, Hungary)! The women's team Detono Zagreb in their seven consecutive participation in the Masters won two gold (2011 Fuengirola, Spain, 2012 Lagoa, Portugal) and one bronze medal (2014 Thesaloniki). Because of rule that winner of European clubs championship is directly qualified for that competition next year, our men's team Detono Zagreb for years opens another place in the competition for the Croatian teams. Thanks to that, our men's team Chemo Profili Zagreb has participated in the Masters twice and won the bronze medal in 2010. in Espihno.

Academic Beach Handball Club Zagreb has also achieved excellent results in the national championship, the men’s team Detono Zagreb is eightfold consecutive Croatian champion (from 2008), while the women's team won 4 Croatian Champion titles. We are the most organized and the most successful beach handball club in Croatia and Europe, the only club with a regular systematic training sessions throughout whole season and the only club that gathers younger age categories.

In addition to the sports facilities, our excellence is confirmed by the organization of the most massive beach handball tournament in Croatia, Jarun Cup, which will be held for the ninth time from April 28 to May 1, 2016. We aim to break our own record set last year: 62 registered teams in 8 categories! Help us in this, apply to our tournament on time and become a part of our summer story!

Thanks to all members who, through their hard work and dedication helped in all our achievements, and happy tenth birthday of the Club!


Academic Beach Handball Club

Bitorajska 24
10000 Zagreb

Mladen Paradžik
+385 95 8136 286
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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