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From the World Games in Cali, Colombia, to the Beach Handball Championship in the U.S., the First Official Beach Handball Championship in the United States is coming sooner than we think, to show how amazing and beautiful this sport is and the potential it has all over the country. Americans were able to see during the World Games in Cali the energy this sport brings and therefore have decided to make it happen in the United States. During last year’s World Games, around 13.000 people attended the event, and every single person was amazed with all the attractive moves that were shown by the best players in the world.  Maybe that’s what sparked America to work and organize this excellent next event, American Open Beach Handball Championship.

The USA Beach Handball Committee, with tremendous support from city officials in Gulf Shores, Dr. Thomas Rosandich and the equipment grant from the International Handball Federation, were the ones responsible for planning and organizing the first annual AOBHC. Taking place in Gulf Shores, Alabama, April 24-27th, 2014, teams from Colombia, Mexico, different parts of USA and even potentially from Brazil will be attending this exciting event. To understand the meaning of this, keep in mind that Brazil has the best female and male team in the world.  Additionally to all the above information, it is important to mention that finals will be broadcast nationwide on CBS, which gives a lot of excitement and benefits to this sport and event. An excellent tournament with excellent teams, money prizes for top teams and broadcast thru CBS will help this sport be seen in every house of this young beach handball nation.

And that’s not the whole story. During the tournament, they are holding the second IHF Beach Handball Masters Course and Certification for Coaches, Referees and Delegates. Once again the IHF is sending their best beach handball experts/lecturers:

1) Luiz Filipe, Chairman of the Pan Am Beach Handball Working Group, and 
2) Burak Tazcan, Member of the IHF Beach Handball Working Group.

With this course we can only see more progress in near future for Beach Handball in the US and we are very happy about it.


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